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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Swimming Pool Construction Companies in Dubai l Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai

swimming pool contractors
Swimming Pool Contractors


Electric Motors

Regular maintenance must be carried out, and the following programme takes precedence over other instructions unless if conflicts with those of the maker swimming pool in Dubai.

l electric motors should be kept clean and dry private pool in UAE.

Some electric motors have self-lubricated sleeve bearings or packed-for-life ball bearings, both of these contain sufficient lubricant for the economic life of the bearings.  Alternatively they may require attention only at intervals of say 5 years swimming pool construction companies in uae.

WARNING:  Before carrying out maintenance work switch off the electric supply.  This must be done from the starter.  The isolator, which can be integral with the starter if local to the motor or separate and local to the motor, should then be switched off.  This is a safety device provided for isolation purposes only, and it must never be used as a means of stopping the motor, except in the event of an emergency swimming pool supplies Dubai.

Every Month

Pool service Dubai. Unless the motor is fitted with self lubricated or packed-for-life bearings, check and if necessary lubricate all motor bearings in accordance with maker's instructions, taking care to prevent the entry.

Check for leaks and remove all surplus lubricant spreading from the bearings.  Replace seals if necessary. swimming pool materials suppliers in Dubai.

All standby motors should be inspected, and jogged by hand or electrically. Swimming Pool Tiles Dubai.

Every 3 Months

Blow out all motors except totally enclosed types with compressed air or hand bellows to remove dust and dirt. Private Pool in Dubai.

Ensure that all flexible conduit connections are sound and all terminal nuts secure. Swimming pool accessories suppliers in Dubai.

Inspect motors in damp situation or with difficult access; carry out insulation checks on both motor and wiring. Swimming pool contractors Dubai.

Check the operation of centrifugal operated switches (where fitted) of resistance and capacitor start motors; check contacts for undue wear.

Check for signs of overheating of, and leakage from, electrolytic capacitors (where fitted) to capacitor start motors.

Examine starter for cleanliness.  Clean contacts using an approved lubricant.  Abrasive materials must not be used to clean the contacts.  Check the clean operation of the switching actions.  Make sure the indicator lights and interlocks function properly.  Check the timer settings (refer to separate instructions). Landscape Dubai.

Every   Running Time (12 Months)

Remove all old grease, wash out the bearings, housings, seals etc. with a suitable detergent.

Check bearings for wear, if necessary fit replacements. How to Clean Swimming Pool.

Repack the bearings as in 1. above.  First the bearing itself should be fully packed, and then the housing should be one third filled with grease.

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