Friday, January 27, 2023

Dolphin Moby Pool Cleaner | Maytronics Dolphin Pool Cleaners

Dolphin is a trusted name on robotic pool cleaners that is synonymous with the latest technology and highest quality equipments available in the market today. Since its release, the days when pool owners have to use vacuums on their pools are gone. Because now, there are robotic pool cleaners like Dolphin that do the cleaning job automatically for them.

One of Maytronics Dolphin’s newest and highly-regarded models is the Dolphin Moby pool cleaner. Virtually, it does not only clean even the smallest particles or fragments that contaminate the pool, but also scrubs the entire pool surface with its efficient brushes. As a result, the pool will become cleaner and brilliant, unlike when conventional methods of cleaning are used.



The Dolphin Moby pool cleaner is highly recommended for pools that have up to 10 meters of length. It thoroughly cleans and scrubs the entire pool floors and hard-to-reach corners that only take 2.5 hours to complete. The machine is designed with combined brushes to provide optimum brushing performance and equipped with self-contained micronic filter bags for accurate filtering of dirt and any types of debris.

The independent unit requires no pre-installation; therefore, you’ll have more convenience and saved time from connecting to pool systems. The Moby pool cleaner also has an intelligent pool scanner, which is self-programmed for a more efficient cleaning, regardless of what type of pool you have. And because the device is small and lightweight, it can easily be handled by anyone.

Another good thing about the Dolphin Moby pool cleaner is that anyone can fix it and perform the maintenance procedures it requires. Like other Dolphin pool cleaner models, it is also energy-efficient, as it makes use of only 24 VDC. As you can see, it cannot only provide convenience and cleaner pools, but savings in electricity bills as well.

Dolphin Moby also has an automatic shut-off and obstacle-escape function. It is very ideal for pools with beach entry and has a motor-protection mechanism that notifies the user when it is overloaded or out of water.

Another good addition that the Moby possess is the removable top lid. Because of this feature, debris are easily collected and filter bags are quickly removed and replaced. The good points of the Dolphin Moby pool cleaner do not stop there – it also comes with a user-friendly remote control that allows the user to choose among the various cleaning programs that the unit can perform which include ultra clean, waterline, wall climbing frequency, and lap pool.

Attached to a 17-meter patented cable free mechanism, the user won’t have to deal with tangled cables again. Users won’t have to worry about the parts’ quality as most of them are patented including the battery float, charger, and even the clogged filter bag indicator.


With so many benefits in store, the Dolphin Moby pool cleaner is undoubtedly a must-have equipment for every pool owner. And because the unit comes with a 24-month warranty and high quality components, you can be sure that it will serve you for years.