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Self Priming Centrifugal Swimming Pool Pumps

Self Priming centrifugal pumps for swimming pools l Kripsol Pump Suppliers in Dubai

 Kripsol Pump Dealer in Dubai UAE
Swimming Pool Pumps
Kripsol Swimming Pool Pump
High capacity pre-filter (14 l.).
Thermoset plastics hydraulic body.
Hinged cover screws with stainless steel studs.
Impeller and flange in Noryl charged with fibreglass.
MOTOR: IP 54 protection, insulation class F. 50 hz. 2.850 R.P.M.
MAXIMUM WATER: Temperature 50ºC, maximum pressure 2,5 BAR.
Infinite Leisure is the authorized dealer of Kripsol Pump Filter Suppliers in Dubai.

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Swimming Pool Construction Companies in Dubai l Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai

swimming pool contractors
Swimming Pool Contractors


Electric Motors

Regular maintenance must be carried out, and the following programme takes precedence over other instructions unless if conflicts with those of the maker swimming pool in Dubai.

l electric motors should be kept clean and dry private pool in UAE.

Some electric motors have self-lubricated sleeve bearings or packed-for-life ball bearings, both of these contain sufficient lubricant for the economic life of the bearings.  Alternatively they may require attention only at intervals of say 5 years swimming pool construction companies in uae.

WARNING:  Before carrying out maintenance work switch off the electric supply.  This must be done from the starter.  The isolator, which can be integral with the starter if local to the motor or separate and local to the motor, should then be switched off.  This is a safety device provided for isolation purposes only, and it must never be used as a means of stopping the motor, except in the event of an emergency swimming pool supplies Dubai.

Every Month

Pool service Dubai. Unless the motor is fitted with self lubricated or packed-for-life bearings, check and if necessary lubricate all motor bearings in accordance with maker's instructions, taking care to prevent the entry.

Check for leaks and remove all surplus lubricant spreading from the bearings.  Replace seals if necessary. swimming pool materials suppliers in Dubai.

All standby motors should be inspected, and jogged by hand or electrically. Swimming Pool Tiles Dubai.

Every 3 Months

Blow out all motors except totally enclosed types with compressed air or hand bellows to remove dust and dirt. Private Pool in Dubai.

Ensure that all flexible conduit connections are sound and all terminal nuts secure. Swimming pool accessories suppliers in Dubai.

Inspect motors in damp situation or with difficult access; carry out insulation checks on both motor and wiring. Swimming pool contractors Dubai.

Check the operation of centrifugal operated switches (where fitted) of resistance and capacitor start motors; check contacts for undue wear.

Check for signs of overheating of, and leakage from, electrolytic capacitors (where fitted) to capacitor start motors.

Examine starter for cleanliness.  Clean contacts using an approved lubricant.  Abrasive materials must not be used to clean the contacts.  Check the clean operation of the switching actions.  Make sure the indicator lights and interlocks function properly.  Check the timer settings (refer to separate instructions). Landscape Dubai.

Every   Running Time (12 Months)

Remove all old grease, wash out the bearings, housings, seals etc. with a suitable detergent.

Check bearings for wear, if necessary fit replacements. How to Clean Swimming Pool.

Repack the bearings as in 1. above.  First the bearing itself should be fully packed, and then the housing should be one third filled with grease.

Calorex Heat Pump is the best for swimming pool heating and cooling.

Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean All The Time l Easy Way to Maintain Swimming Pools



In voluntary wastes like perspiration nasal discharge, fecalmatter and urine from bathers are constantly introduced in to the pool.  Organic cause swimming pool water to become dull listless and cloudy.  Addition of high levels of chlorine to allow much of these organic to be oxidised in to dissolved solids is known as “Super Chlorination of shocking.  Super chlorination is recommended at least once in a week for a well used pool with a FC level of 10 - 15 PPM.

swimming pool contractors in dubai
swimming pool contractors dubai
Break Point Chlorination

Super chlorinating the swimming pool to reduce high levels of combined chlorine is known as break point Chlorination.

Break Point Chlorination should be necessary within the free chlorine level is above 0.2PPM.

Safety Limits for Chlorine

Safety Limits for chlorine outlined by swimming pool water treatment advisory group is as given below :-

“Free chlorine level should be at the lowest concentration that gives satisfactory microbiological quality.  Free chlorine residual above 2PPM should be necessary unless re-circulation is slow, distribution poor or bathing loads too heavy. Swimming Pool Free chlorine levels above 3PPM are unlikely to be necessary chlorination should be reduced.  Above 5PPM chlorination should be stopped immediately and above 10PPM bathing should cease.”

As a general rule it is advised that the free chlorine levels should be maintained between 1PPM - 3PPM to achieve proper swimming pool water sanitation and to optimise usage of chemicals.

No bathers should be allowed to swim at chlorine level 10PPM and above in the swimming pools.


Each chemical should be strictly identified and stored separately within swimming pool plantroom to avoid misuse and malfunction.  Only a few days requirement should be stored in the plantroom in containers with clear labels of each chemical.

Always add chemical to swimming pool water.  NEVER add water to chemicals.

Keep chemicals away from sunlight.

Never mix chemicals prior to dispensing in swimming pool water.

Never use emptied chlorine pots for re-use or storage of other chemicals.

Never combine different chlorine products.

Never put Ticca tablets in Automatic chlorinator.

Never mix Acid with Chlorine.

Preventive Maintenance.

Test the swimming pool water daily/hourly as per the monitoring chart.

Adjust the meters, and calibrate if required check offset of the knob if any and rectify.

If the ppm or  pH are outside the meter range.

Investigate and correct the cause of the problem.

Re-calibrate the meters.

Clean the sensors in hydrochloric acid and then in clean water twice a week.

Infinite Leisure is the best swimming pool companies in dubai.

It is better for you to hire proper swimming pool maintenance companies to maintain your swimming pool.

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How to Maintain Swimming Pool Water l How to Keep Swimming Pool Clean


pools maintenance

Basic Swimming Pool Parameters for Proper sanitation.

pH:- A scale for measurement of Acidity of water. pH is measured on a scale from    0-14, with a pH of 7 being neutral.  A pH of 7.4/ 7.5 recommenced for swimming pool / Spa water.

Total Alkalinity (TALK) :- Total Alkalinity is the measure of the ability of water to resist changes in pH.  This factor is decided by the amount of sodium bicarbonate.  Swimming pool water with low Alkalinity exhibits “pH bounce” i.e. rapid fluctuation of pH in addition of small amounts of Acid or base.

Total dissolved solids (TDS) :- Total dissolved solids is a measure of how well-used the water has become, as more pool chemicals added more TDS level.

Saturation Index-(SI) :- A calculation that determines weather the swimming pool water is balanced.

Free chlorine :- Swimming Pool sanitiser to kill germs and oxidise organic mater.

Cynuric Acid :- Swimming Pool stabiliser which preserves free chlorine from depletion by sunlight.

Combined Swimming Pool Chlorine :- Chloramines produced by action of hypochlorus acid with Amonia (NH)3.

Calcium Hardness :- A parameter that determines calcium and magnesium salts.

All the swimming pool chlorine available are generally divided into two categories depending up on its ability to fight against depletion of free chlorine under sunlight.

Unstabilised form of chlorine.
Calcium Hypochlorite (HTH).

Calcium Hypochlorite Ca(OCI)2 reacts with swimming pool water to form hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) and calcium.

It is this Hypochlorous acid which helps in sanitation of the pool.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) exits in H+ OCL- state.  The sum of chlorine residual in HOCL and OCL- species in regarded as free chlorine, which is the workhorse of sanitation.

Stabilised form of chlorine.
Try chloro Iso cynuric Acid (Ticca)

In presence of sunlight hypochlorous acid is reduced to salt  (chloride) by U/V rays. swimming pool. Cynuric acid prevents depletion of HOCL by U/V rays and hence regarded as stabiliser.  Calcium hypochlorite does not generate cynuric acid and is regarded as unstabilised form of chlorine.  When using calcium hypochlorite as the sanitising agent and external source of stablizer should be used to maintain the cynuric acid level.  SDIC can be used as a source of cynuric acid.  Since SDIC also liberate hypochlorous acid in addition to cynuric acid usage should be controlled to prevent chlorine level rising alarmingly high.

Nonstabilised chlorine is recommend for chlorination purpose because use of stabilised chlorine leaves no control over cynuric which can only be reduced by dilution or backwash.  Cynuric acid levels above 100PPM makes the pool completely inactive and difficult to treat.  In such instance the pool will have to be drained and refilled. 

for information about swimming pool maintenance keep visiting our blogs.

Calorex Heat Pump Suppliers in Dubai is Infinite Leisure Swimming Pool Installation LLC Dubai.

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Astral Berlin Filter Suppliers in Dubai Sharjah Ajman Ras Al Khaimah


astral filter series
Berlin Filter
Bright satin finish with a transparent varnish dust-repellant coating. Ø 400 mm injected lid. Complete with pressure gauge, water purges, and multiport valve. Maximum filtration velocity 50 m3/h/m2. astral sand filter suppliers in dubai is best swimming pool companies in dubai.

Bobbin-wound sand filters in polyester/fibreglass resin. 
Cover of Ø 240 mm with screw closure, die-injected for diameters up to 900 mm. Cover of Ø 400 mm with screw closure, die-injected for Ø 1050 and Ø 1200 mm. 
Blue satin-finish, with dust protection with a clear polyurethane flash coat for Ø 500, Ø 600, Ø 750 and Ø 900. Blue finish for Ø 1050 and Ø 1200. 
Equipped with collectors and diffuser of highly resistant PVC and PP plastic. 

Swimming Pool Sand Filters Suppliers in Dubai
Fitted with pressure gauge and manual air and water bleeder valves. For models of Ø 900, Ø 1050 and Ø 1200, includes sand drain of 2 1/2″ sand purge. 
Side-mount, 6+1 way selector valve for filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, waste and closed, except for models of Ø 500, Ø 600 and Ø 750. 

Maximum flow rate: 50 m3/h/m2. – Maximum operating pressure: 2,5 kg/cm2. 
Inner coating of HDPE (polyethylene), blown for Ø 500 and Ø 600mm, thermo formed ABS for Ø 750 and Ø 900 mm, and polyester/fibreglass for Ø 1050 and Ø 1200 mm. 

Filter base manufactured in plastic with diameter up to 750 mm and polyester and fibreglass for larger diameters. Note: Operating pressure of 4 kg/cm2 available by special order. 

Berlin Filter Easy access: Owing to the larger diameter of the top manhole (400 mm) for filters of diameter 1050 mm and 1200 mm, the filter interior can be more easily accessed for servicing. 
Improved finish: Apart from its bobbin wound finish, which provides greater resistance and safety, the blue satin-finish distinguishes it from conventional filters. 

Berlin filters of diameter 500 and 600 mm are available in monobloc composed of a polypropylene base, filter with side-mount selector valve, selfpriming Sprint pump and all the necessary fittings. 

The mono blocs include a base constructed of weather-resistant plastic. 
All components are designed for easy assembly and precise fitting. 
Contains pre-assembled unit.

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Swimming Pool Tiles Suppliers in Karachi Pakistan Best Pool Tiles



About Infinite Leisure Swimming Pools Company in Dubai

In business almost 20 years, Infinite Leisure Swimming Pools is Dubai longest working and most experienced in swimming pool construction.

We are member of SPATA. SPATA is the trade association that represents swimming pool companies in dubai and across the Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. If you are looking to install a swimming pool or need to find companies who provide equipment, maintenance and/or water treatment products and accessories, this website provides an easy way to find SPATA members.  Just click the ‘Find a Member’  tab and you will be taken to the search page, insert your postcode in the search bar on our interactive map.

We provide the following services
Swimming Pool Construction Companies Dubai
Refurbishment Works of Swimming Pool
Water Features
Re Tiling Work
Guniting Work for Swimming Pool
Shotcrete Work for Pool
Swimming Pool Steel Work
Supply of Swimming Pool Equipment
Swimming Pool Heating Cooling System
Swimming Pool Filtration System
Swimming Pool Fittings
Swimming Pool Ultra Violet System
Chemical Dosing for Swimming Pool
Reshaping of Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Design in Dubai



Business Bay, Churchill Tower, Office # 403, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


+971 4 4290044

+971 4 4225296

Swimming Pool Companies in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and United Arab Emirates

In business almost 20 years, Infinite Leisure Swimming Pools is Dubai longest working and most experienced in swimming pool construction.

swimming pool companies dubai
swimming pool construction companies in dubai
We are member of SPATA. SPATA is the trade association that represents swimming pool companies in dubai and across the Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. If you are looking to install a swimming pool or need to find companies who provide equipment, maintenance and/or water treatment products and accessories, this website provides an easy way to find SPATA members.  Just click the ‘Find a Member’  tab and you will be taken to the search page, insert your postcode in the search bar on our interactive map.

swimming pool contractors dubai
swimming pool construction companies dubai

We provide the following services

swimming pool maintenance companies dubai
swimming pool contractors in dubai
Our Partners are as Follows
Al Mishqat Trading - UAE
Bio UV - France
Bath Tech - Australia

swimming pool construction companies dubai
best swimming pool companies in dubai
Infinite Leisure Swimming Pool Company Dubai have specialised in the design and construction of concrete swimming pools for over 20 years. From modest beginnings as an industry pioneer, we have become a market leader by combining intelligent design with well established construction techniques.

Our success can be accredited to our core values: professionalism, innovation and industry-leading quality and design. We employ highly qualified and skilled trades people, implement stringent quality assurance systems, and maintain a complete customer focus to ensure that all projects are an absolute success.

best swimming pool companies dubai
swimming pool builders in dubai
We offer full assistance to our clients from conceptual design through to project start to completion. Our swimming pools are well built, low maintenance and energy efficient. By designing the pool correctly, we ensure that you will save time and money over the lifespan of the swimming pool. In purchasing a Infinite Leisure Swimming Pool you can expect a swimming pool that is a pleasure to swim in and easy to own.

Want to renovate your backyard but don’t know where to start? Have limited space, or a large yard needing more life? You may want to speak to our friendly team at Infinite Leisure Swimming Pool Companies in Dubai about our beautiful range of swimming pools in dubai. Our wide selection of swimming pools can instantly change the look and feel of your home, and add value to your property.

We also supply calorex heat pump in Dubai and Infinite Leisure is the authorized dealer of Kripsol Pump Filter Suppliers in Dubai.

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Calorex Heat Pump Suppliers in Dubai, Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai

Calorex Heat Pump Suppliers in Dubai United Arab Emirates l Swimming Pool Heat Pump Dubai Suppliers

calorex heat pump

About Calorex

Calorex UK has produced swimming pool heat pumps and swimming pool dehumidifiers since 1977. During this time Calorex has obtained an enviable reputation in the industry by leading the field in quality, efficiency and durability of its’ products. All Calorex UK products are well designed and engineered in-house by our dedicated team of engineers and product managers.

Calorex UK is part of the Dantherm Group which is a leading provider of climate control products and solutions. Group of business have more than sixty years of experience in designing and manufacturing top quality and energy capable equipment for heating, drying, cooling and ventilation for a wide range of mobile and fixed applications.

Offering pre and post technical support Calorex UK has a dedicated team of technical application staff to fully support products from project inception through to after-sales care. This keeps up is based on a local and worldwide level. To view, all Calorex brands click here

The challenge
To provide the swimming pool design engineer with a solution to temperature control
which will reliably and economically heat or cool a swimming pool, regardless of ambient air
temperature and location.

Enjoyable swimming
Dependable swimming pool temperature control is a key feature to enjoy swimming. For a swim to be refreshing and invigorating the pool water must be the right temperature for the swimmer, regardless of the influence of seasonal weather.

 calorex heat pump
heat pump for swimming pool
Winter Heating for Swimming Pool
During winter, swimming pools continually evaporate water and radiate heat. The combination of these factors causes heat loss which must be replaced through a heater if comfortable water temperatures are to be maintained.

Summer Cooling for Swimming Pool
During summer, swimming pools are subjected to massive solar gain. Coupled with high ambient humidifies which prevent pools from cooling through evaporation, swimming pool water will become uncomfortably hot unless dynamically cooled.

Benefits to Have Heating Cooling for Swimming Pool
— Designed for the Gulf climate
— Reduced energy consumption
— No additional equipment required
— Simple installation & long service life
— Suitable for all year round pool use
— Minimal maintenance
— Low operating costs

The solution
The Calorex Heat Pump answer to this challenge is the 34 range and the Pro-Pac range – providing a
heat cool unit for every size of pool and plant room.

Why Heat Pump for Swimming Pools?
Heat pumps are widely accepted as the most economical and effective method of heating and cooling your swimming pool. Unlike electric flow heaters and boilers that can only provide pool heating. Calorex Heat Cool pumps will automatically either heat or cool your pool without the need for additional equipment. As an added bonus, a Calorex Heat Cool pump will produce up to five times the energy it consumes, dramatically reducing the energy consumption of your swimming pool.

Why Calorex Heating Cooling?
Calorex were the first to develop heat cool units for swimming pools and in doing so set the standard
for proven performance and reliability. We have thousands of units in operation throughout the Gulf
States, the oldest installed in 1981.

As further testament to our commitment for manufacturing quality, Calorex is an ISO 9001 accredited company under Lloyds register and all our products are tested in accordance with EU standards.
 swimming pool heat and cool system
Calorex Heating Cooling is also a founder member of the Microgeneration Scheme (MCS), a UK Government
a controlled initiative that demands independent product witness testing as part of a tough quality
control procedure.

Our heat cool pumps are specifically designed for swimming pool heating and cooling – they are
not converted air-conditioning units. This means that all components used in their construction are
designed to give maximum efficiency and reliability at swimming pool companies in Dubai conditions, even in the toughest climates. components used in their construction are designed to give maximum efficiency and reliability at swimming pool conditions, even in the toughest climates.

for any enquiry about Calorex heat pump you many contacts to us via our WEBSITE.