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There's no right place to celebrate the time of your life than at home. For nearly 5 years Infinite Leisure Pools has to lead the way in swimming pool design and construction because we take into consideration your lifestyle, backyard, architecture and your financial plan. Winner of over many industry design awards and with over 25 years combined experience you can be assured you're inexperienced hands.

Custom designed to suit your backyard, budget, architecture and lifestyle.

Total project management backed by a team of craftsmen

We offer a fixed time & fixed rate contract so you can map with real peace of mind

swimming pool companies in dubai
Swimming Pool Company Dubai

Blue Haven has lead to affordable and stylish pool building and design since 1973. Our long history of providing creative and elegant swimming pool designs has resulted in over 70,000 UAE's saying “YES”. We plan to serve this generation and the next with the latest in innovation, glamorous interiors, landscape solutions and easy, maintenance free, new age swimming pools.

Our huge buying power guarantees you the best-priced swimming pool without compromising quality.



 Infinite Leisure Swimming Pools provides a fresh and easy approach to building a concrete pool in your backyard. Operated by a vibrant team, delivering a custom designed and built swimming pool that is stylish, useful and easily approved in as little as 10 days and built in under 12 weeks

We have an illustrious 20-year history which involves delivering the most reliable, durable and creative pools out there. For us, it’s all about capturing our customer’s vision and bringing it to life in the form of a pool that has every feature and quality you have imagined for your ideal pool.

Infinite Leisure Pools was established in the 1970’s starting off in the industrial manufacturing and installing Vinyl-Lined Aboveground Pools. The iconic elephant synonymous with the Company’s branding was born from the idea that an Infinite Leisure Pool was strong enough to walk an elephant in. Jumbo Strength. Jumbo Durability.


There’s no better place to celebrate the time of your life than at home. For nearly 20 years Infinite Leisure Pools has to lead the way in swimming pool design and construction because we take into consideration your way of life, backyard, architecture and your financial plan.


When constructing your new swimming pool it should seamlessly connect with your home and not look like a stand-alone eyesore in the middle of your backyard. For this reason, we want to refer to this style of swimming pool as an out of ground pool rather than an above ground pool.

·        Perfect choice for sloping properties

·        Variety of finishes to choose from (such as render and tiling)

·        Built up to meet a deck or alfresco area

·        Engineered to ensure adequate support for the shell

·        Improved views – look across the water instead of down at it


An inground swimming pool is an asset to any backyard. The pinnacle of backyard entertainment, Infinite Leisure inground pools fit seamlessly into the design of your home and outdoor decor. Each inground pool design is tailored to the preferences of the customer, they are available space and the outdoor environment it’s likely to inhabit. This way Infinite Leisure provides pools that are individual to each customer but are consistent with the quality of design and implementation.

Infinite Leisure offers two types of inground pools to our customers:


·        Concrete Pools

·        Custom built designs

·        The highest amount of strength and durability

·        Versatile designs and layouts to suit any area

·        Pool environment can be blended into the style and design of the home

·        Features can seamlessly be added to a concrete pools design

·        Freedom of choice

·        A quick and easy installation process

·        Coated with a special gel that stops leaks and cracks

·        The non-porous surface makes it harder for algae and mould to grow

·        They are relatively easy to clean and maintain

·        Over 30 different designs and sizes available

·        Compatible with multiple pool features


Your next swimming pool can touch the horizon, with an ILP infinity edge swimming pool design. This area of expertise crafted swimming pools give the visual effect of water extending out towards the horizon, with the edges suddenly vanishing.

An infinity edge pool can seamlessly blend your pool into the environment and give swimmers a glorious view out over the landscape. These swimming pools not only provide excellent views but can add significant value to your home.

It takes a skilled professional to install a contemporary infinity pool. Infinite Leisure swimming pool has extensive experience in creating and implementing modern infinity pool designs.

What is the semi-inground pool?

Semi-inground pools are becoming a sought-after design choice for many new pool owners. These pools are only partially buried in the ground. This is a benefit for people who want a cheaper above ground pool, but don’t want it to obstruct their entire backyard.

A semi-inground pool allows people to be more creative with their design. Decking is often integrated into the design of a semi-inground pool which can give the effect of a fully lowered inground pool. For creative individuals, the semi-inground pool offers an opportunity to incorporate their pool into the landscape, with unique and attractive outcomes. It can also be built into a sloping backyard. A semi-inground pool requires distinct placement and layout plans for certain areas.


What Makes Our Lap Pools Different?

Almost 20-year history, we have provided multiple Lap Swimming Pools to the people of Dubai and Emirates. Our consistency with design and ability to adapt swimming pools to any backyard setting has resulted in various creative designs and a host of happy customers.

Excellent for exercise

A Lap Swimming Pool offers unique fitness possibilities.

Save on pool fees

Stay fit at home and stop paying swimming pool entry or membership fees.

Make the most of your home

Lap Swimming Pools are outstanding for relaxation or entertaining in your unique space.

Different Lengths

Lap Pool comes in more than 1 length letting you select the correct sized pool for your space.

Wide enough for any stroke

Lap Pools are wide enough so that you can perform any swim stroke comfortably.

Free on-site Pool Design

Get a no obligation, free on-site pool design that considers your needs.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Lap Pools size, shape, depth and design make Lap Pools one of the easiest to keep clean and maintain.

Consistent Depth

A Lap Pool has a steady depth of 1.3m, letting you stand comfortably wherever.

Different Lengths

Infinite Leisure Lap Pools are 15m and 12m in length, with custom Concrete Lap Pools also available.

Perfect For Narrow Backyards

Unique size of a Lap Pool makes it perfect for narrow, smaller backyards.

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Why the choice is ILP

When it comes to selecting the right swimming pool companies in Dubai it pays to compare beyond the photos. An ILP is a superior master built pool with the top level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, yet it all comes at a similar price.

Best tradespeople in the business

No one can build the structure of your swimming pool like ILP can. At comparatively similar pricing you’ll get a superior master built pool that’s been crafted by the best concretors, steel fixers, form workers and plumbers in the business! The people building your swimming pool are senior craftsmen at the peak of their technics and take great pride in their work. Many of our senior tradesmen have been part of the ‘ILP Family’ since 2013, and some of them are in the same field more than 20 years.
swimming pool company dubai
swimming pool companies in dubai

Applying the same values as an architect does, ILP designs your swimming pool in view of the entire home space. We offer a thoroughly tested Design & Consultancy Service and are also equally practised at working with architects or landscape designers. Our remarkable or collaborative approach to swimming pool design always sets out to enhance the property as well as your lifestyle. Our design spotlight, coupled with top build quality, is reflected in decades of awards and positive customer feedback.

Whatever Site, Size or Shapes

You will not find a more capable pool company in UAE! From plunge pools to Olympic pools and residential pools to commercial pools… any shape or any design you can imagine, chances are we have built it!  Lap pools, overflow pool, skimmer pools, freeform shape pools, spa jacuzzi, lake, lagoon as well as special plunge pools for small yards. ILP designs swimming pools for all sites, residential and commercial.

Quality of Services

The ILP Plain English Contract makes all clear to avoid unwelcome surprises. It also has lots of built-in contingencies to cover you. (where others might not). From the very first meeting to swimming pool handing over, we quality control your entire experience with us. We have systems and standards in place to take the stress out at every stage of the process. Documented onsite procedures, any approval fast-track techniques and a huge knowledge base… all this adds up to better communication, performance and services.


No Cost Upfront Advice Can Save You

We’re one of the few companies to offer Free Expert Advice before you select your builder.  ILP helps many swimming pool buyers in evaluating what they do and don’t want, even before they choose to build with us. While the internet may help you part way along the learning curve, there is nothing like talking to experienced swimming pool builders. We are glad to offer sound advice ahead of any sales pitch. It is an approach that has contributed to our long-standing reputation for integrity in the business. Please understand our expert consultants are busy, so will often need to return your call. But it is a call that could make a huge difference to the outcome of your finished swimming pool.

Wow Factor And Attention To Detail

After many swimming pools and five years of operation, we are still increasing on our reputation for excellence in the business and wider community by making sure our swimming pools are always well thought out and visually stunning.

Be safe from financial harm

As UAE's most experienced swimming pool company in Dubai we have seen so many other swimming pool builders come and go. ILP is UAE owned and financially solid. Do not risk it with a swimming pool builder that might go bust on your job! Unfortunately, it still happens. In addition to our proven track record and reputation for integrity.
We construct it. We honour it. We warrant it… in clear English writing.

We are Here to Help You.!

We provide free quotations and expert advice (call 04 429 00 44) before you choose your swimming pool builder. ILP is the target for you to measure all other Dubai swimming pool builders against – a better construct swimming pool with further quality inclusions, yet similarly priced to other swimming pools. Put us to the test… the choice is ILP.
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